Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. (ADRF), one of the largest pure-play distributed antenna system and repeater provider, announced the launch of the SDRX-43-BTF high-power 5G repeater. The SDRX-43-BTF is the first commercial grade high-power repeater supporting the entire BRS spectrum and it allows simple and cost-effective 5G wireless upgrade.

Supporting all 194 MHz of BRS (2.5 GHz or Band n41) spectrum, the SDRX-43-BTF can be installed as a standalone solution or slotted into an existing SDR-ICS chassis. Its high gain and output power make this repeater an economical alternative to a base station in either metropolitan or rural areas. The digital signal processing filters inside the SDRX-43-BTF help eliminate adjacent channel interference to allow band selectivity, and the repeater can be configured and monitored remotely using a web-based graphical user interface.

"The SDRX-43-BTF is a powerful addition to our SDR-ICS Series repeaters that delivers unprecedented throughput speeds, even in the most remote areas of the country," said Andrew Jun, CTO at ADRF. "The ability to support the entire 2.5 GHz BRS spectrum will be an asset to carriers and enterprises in supporting the rollout of 5G.”

The SDRX-43-BTF features include:

  • Up to three non-contiguous selectable channels
  • Each selectable channel can support from 5 100 MHz
  • Supports both LTE + 5GNR or 5GNR Standalone
  • Up to 20 W composite DL output power
  • Up to 95 dB of gain with selectable gain range of 40 dB
  • Built-in ALC function to prevent overpower.