Anritsu Co. is introducing a 70 GHz model to its MG3690B family of RF/microwave signal generators that not only extends the frequency range but also offers flexibility and cost of ownership advantages. The new model incorporates an enhanced design that makes it the only signal generator on the market that can perform a 0.1 Hz to 70 GHz continuous sweep, helping to improve accuracy and overall efficiency.

The 70 GHz model has been developed with flexibility in mind. In addition to the standard phase noise, there is an ultra-low phase noise option of –110 dBc/Hz (typically) at 1 kHz offset at 10 GHz and a new low phase noise option that provides an intermediate level of performance. Figure 1 shows the phase noise performance of the MG3690B generator. The variety of phase noise choices allows engineers to customize the instrument for specific applications. This ability is critical because phase noise is becoming increasingly important for both commercial and defense communications systems, as it is directly related to component, filtering and shielding expense.

Achieving low phase noise over the full frequency spectrum is achieved due to the design of the MG3690B. For applications above 2.2 GHz, patented techniques, which add additional phase-locked loops, are utilized. This approach helps deliver excellent SSB phase noise. A digital down converter (DDC), which produces frequencies by successive binary division, is used for 10 MHz to 2.2 GHz applications. This approach eliminates the addition of nonharmonic spurious common with mixer-based down conversion schemes. Below 10 MHz, the signal generators utilize direct digital synthesis (DDS) techniques to achieve a frequency resolution of 0.01 Hz, in addition to the low phase noise.

The design does more than provide improved phase noise and increase the frequency range. It also helps the MG3690B achieve continuous coverage from 0.1 Hz to 50 GHz with a specified +8 dBm output power at 50 GHz, with +9 dBm specified at 67 GHz with an option. It also has a typical switching speed of 5 ms in < 1 GHz steps for improved accuracy.

The MG3690B delivers comprehensive, high performance signal generation. Its internal pulse generator has swept delay capability for moving target simulation, including singlet, doublet, triplet and quadruple pulses. The signal generator has 100 ns leveled pulse width, synchronized pulse with AM/FM/ΦM for complex EW signals, and phase modulation up to 400 radians deviation at 1 MHz rates.

A wide variety of signal simulation applications are improved due to the MG3690B’s enhanced performance. For example, the 70 GHz MG3690B can be used as a clock source for bit error rate testing (BERT) and its low single-sideband (SSB) phase noise translates to precise clocks with edges that are consistent period after period. It offers traditional master/slave capability to drive a mixer’s RF and LO at offset frequencies with two tracking synthesizers for mixer measurements. An external power meter leveling mode is available, so the MG3690B can be used for TWTA measurements as well.

The 70 GHz model’s base price of $65,200 is less than comparable models. Pricing of the options include $2500 for the low phase noise, $6500 for the ultra low phase noise and $9000 for 67 GHz high power output.

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