At IMS2022, Tecdia rolls out its new Dielectric Varactor made with a unique tunable dielectric. Ideal for phase shifters, VCO’s, beamforming and tunable matching networks with high linearity requirements. The device maintains a low ESR, even up at mmWave frequencies. These varactors maintain micro-second level switching speed and are SMT compatible. We have a range of capacitance values and form factors are available for samples upon request. Tecdia is working with Modelithics to develop models for Tecdia’s new dielectric varactors with part numbers HBC2R2KY20X10X5A02 and HBCR22KY20X10X5A02, they will be available on the Modelithics webpage in July.

Tecdia provides solutions for the global market by using our experience and expertise. They innovate technology to adapt to users’ needs. Tecdia works closely with customers to bring ideas that surpass their expectations. Their product line includes wire bondable single layer capacitors, precision machine tools, scribe tools and more. The company seeks to move beyond the limitations of current manufacturing techniques through innovative engineering and passionate craftsmanship.