Purchasing our Standard Gain Horns just got easier! 

We are thrilled to launch NSI-MI Store, our online shop where NSI-MI’s most common antennas and accessories are now just clicks away. Access Store here or look for the shopping cart at www.nsi-mi.com/. Visit NSI-MI Store today for an easy, fast, and hassle-free shopping experience.

Our range of standard gain horn antennas are used in antenna test range applications and have been designed to deliver accurate gain reference and reliable antenna gain measurements. The standard gain horn assemblies come complete with absorber and mounting cages. The horns are available to cover the frequency range from 0.35 to 170 GHz. They are plated prior to painting to prevent corrosion. 


  • Precision gain calibration standard
  • Robust welded mechanical design
  • Compliant with NRL-4433 standard
  • Linear polarization

Accredited gain calibration reports are available upon request.

The Store is still growing so stay tuned for more products and international sales coming soon!