Times Microwave Systems introduced its new LMR tool kit. The new hard case tool kit includes all of the tools required for LMR-195, LMR-200 and LMR-240 coaxial cable installations. 

The new LMR tool kit includes:

  • CT-240/200/100: Crimp tool for LMR-240, LMR-200 and LMR-100 X series connectors 
  • CST-195/200: Prep tool for LMR-195 and LMR-200 X series connectors 
  • CST-240A: Prep tool for LMR-240 
  • CCT-03: Cable cutting tool for LMR-100 through LMR-600 T.

LMR cables also come with a complete assortment of connectors, including X series EZ design connectors that feature common interface types and do not require braid trimming. With center pin contacts made from silver- or gold-plated beryllium-copper, EZ connectors are the preferred choice for quick and reliable field installations. An extensive line of non-solder-pin type connectors is offered as well. Times Microwave Systems also offers a complete line of cable prep and connector installation tools—everything needed to get from the antenna to the equipment.

“Identifying the proper tools for a coaxial cable installation and making sure they are all stored in a way that is quickly accessible has been a timeless challenge—especially when working at a remote job site,” said Kevin Moyher at Times Microwave. “With the new LMR tool kit for LMR-195, LMR-200 and LMR-240 coaxial cable assemblies, all it takes is a quick flip of the lid to make sure you have everything required.”

Times Microwave’s global manufacturing footprint, with a vast network of manufacturing facilities and distributors across the world, and well-established product inventory enables the company to continue providing quality products with reduced lead times. In-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities also enable Times Microwave to deliver RF products that meet the most demanding requirements, including customized solutions in product design, installation, regulatory compliance and performance improvement.