Zadar Labs, a leading developer of 4D imaging radar and radar vision & AI software, has launched its ultra-high performance software-defined imaging radar (SDIR) platform zPRIME for critical detection in autonomy applications.

zPRIME is the industry’s first imaging radar to offer an unprecedented 0.4-degree resolution in both azimuth and elevation. This ultra-high resolution represents a tipping point in radar performance, allowing the separation of hundreds of static and dynamic objects in a dense environment. When long-range detection is required, for example in high speed highway driving, zPRIME can detect vehicles out to 800+ meters.

The mobility industry is witnessing an exponential demand for high-resolution radars, with its focus shifting from LiDAR to 4D imaging radar technology. Enabling this shift is Zadar's zPRIME, the first radar to match LiDAR performance while surpassing LiDAR in all-weather, low-cost and scalable deployments.

zPRIME is the highest performance product in Zadar’s family of SDIRs. Zadar Labs develops SDIR combined with AI and ML processing techniques to advance the application space and capabilities of radar. Unlike the traditional “black box” approach to radar sensors, Zadar’s

software-defined architecture supports the need for a more flexible and dynamic interaction with the technology. The SDIR platform allows our customers to dynamically configure most of the radar parameters based on the environment or the demand of the perception system.

In conjunction with the SDIR platform, Zadar has developed zVUE software, which houses the advanced data processing engines to unlock features such as target tracking and classification, radar-based localization and mapping and sensor fusion.