Anokiwave, NXP, YTTEK and Semicomm together demonstrated a complete 5G RU from baseband to mmWave using the O-RAN open architecture at a joint seminar recently held in Taiwan. This new platform provides an end-to-end solution for OEMs, ODMs and operators to develop O-RAN compatible mmWave  5G radio units and bring those to market starting as soon as 2022. The partnered companies worked together to build a solution with measured performance using a FR2 5G NR waveform, highlighting the benefits of a true O-RAN partnership between industry players. At this joint seminar and demo, the companies also provided their unique industry perspectives and the latest product information supporting the new solution. 

The O-RAN alliance, established by major telecom operators, ensures compatibility and interoperability between each 5G radio section and has gained extensive international support—opening the opportunity for many new manufactures to enter the mmWave  5G equipment supply chain. 

“Anokiwave sees an expansion of mmWave  applications into small cell radio units and into CPE that require an ecosystem that combines the hardware and software necessary for complete solutions,” states Alastair Upton, Anokiwave Chief Strategy Officer. “Working with our partners, we have created a complete plug and play FR2 development platform within the O-RAN architecture that addresses multiple 5G use cases, demonstrating the feasibility of commercial viability and serving as an initial customer reference design.”

During the seminar, a unique solution developed by YTTEK based on Anokiwave’s mmWave beamformer ICs and integrated up/down converter ICs along with NXP’s LA1200 processor was demonstrated. The solution provides an excellent baseline reference design for OEMs to use for their product development. 

“Anokiwave has been a trusted supplier of mmWave  solutions from the dawn of 5G. The announcement of our next generation of beamformer ICs at this Seminar further advances our support of the O-RAN ecosystem in the region,” stated Alan Chang, Anokiwave Director of AP Sales. 

With growing demand for high performance mmWave  5G radio solutions, the market is looking for true open architectures that leverage the best performance of the RF front ends and digital back end. This partnership between Anokiwave, NXP and YTTEK, validated with a working solution and measured results, is a true testament to the real O-RAN FR2 system that the three companies have together built and enabled.