The cost of spectrum analysis for field engineers does not have to break the bank. With this objective, SAF Tehnika added a 6 to 20 GHz model to its series of handheld spectrum analyzers, enabling microwave engineers to efficiently handle line-of-sight verification, installation, site acceptance, maintenance and troubleshooting of point-to-point radio links.

SAF’s 6 to 20 GHz Spectrum Compact has -110 dBm sensitivity at a resolution bandwidth of 30 kHz, up to 4 hours battery life, instant-on functionality with a simple and intuitive interface and a small, rugged form factor. The unit will measure in-band power, adjacent channel power, center frequency and signal bandwidth, as well as locate interference. The user sets up the center, start and stop frequencies and the trace mode, such as normal, cumulative and the maximum signal. The Spectrum Compact’s 8 GB of memory will save thousands of spectrum traces for offline analysis, investigation and reporting using PC software included with the unit.

Every aspect of SAF’s Spectrum Compact has been designed with field use in mind, including the resistive touchscreen that operates with gloves, sturdy thumbscrews for SMA and waveguide connections and the high-contrast and full display modes for easy reading in bright light.

The Spectrum Compact product family covers bands from 300 MHz to 87 GHz, with models to serve wireless ISPs, mobile carriers, tower installation crews deploying 5G networks, utilities, local governments, public safety and other critical network infrastructure.

SAF Tehnika designs and manufactures RF data transmission equipment for global networks. In addition to spectrum analyzers, SAF’s products include signal generators, microwave radios and wireless IoT solutions for environmental monitoring.

SAF Tehnika
Riga, Latvia