Exodus Advanced Communications has developed a solid-state power amplifier (PA) system for radiated susceptibility testing requirements, such as EMI-Lab and RS103, as well as communications and electronic warfare applications. The AMP2030D-LC PA covers 1 to 6 GHz and produces at least 600 W saturated output power across the band, 400 W typical at 1 dB compression, with 4 dB peak-to-peak power gain flatness. To support the linearity requirements of all modulations and industry standards, the PA uses a class A/AB design, achieving -20 dBc harmonics at rated output and -30 dBc typical two-tone intermodulation with two 48 dBm tones 1 MHz apart.

The PA has extensive control and monitoring, including optional calibrated power monitoring accurate to within ± 0.2 dB. Monitoring can be done with the large 7-in. color display or via remote control. The color touchscreen also shows the forward and reflected power—providing the VSWR in real time—and system voltages and currents and the operating temperatures of the PA module heat sinks and internal system temperature. Automatic level control and > 20 dB gain control are accessible using the screen or the remote interface.

A unique feature of the AMP2030D-LC is its compact size: 10U, the smallest and highest power offered for this frequency range. The PA has type N female connectors for the RF input and optional RF sampling ports; to handle the high power, the RF output connector is a 716 female connector.

Exodus Advanced Communications’ product line uses LDMOS, GaN HEMT and GaAs PAs, a good share of the devices manufactured by the company. In addition to PAs, Exodus designs low noise amplifiers, modules and systems for applications from 10 kHz to > 51 GHz.

Exodus Advanced Communications
Las Vegas, Nev.