Ferrite Microwave Technologies (FMT) launched a new website with a special focus on circulators, isolators and other high-power components. The new website offers visitors fresh content, new product data and the latest information about FMT’s products and capabilities.

With a new and improved look, FMT’s world-class components have individual pages for device applications, technical data and renderings for each component. This includes dedicated pages for circulators, isolators, loads, duplexers, windows, phase shifters and more.

Ferrite has a design tool library of 1400+ devices, and this expansive line of high-power microwave components is now on full display.

With a special focus on circulators and isolators, the new website offers users the ability to explore FMT components technical data, product renderings and detailed specifications. This can be done by microwave frequency band, waveguide size, and market or application.

Similar to Mega Industries product line, FMT offers several styles and designs for loads and terminations. This includes air cooled, water cooled, fan cooled, coupled water devices, test terminations, super high-power loads and more. The new platform highlights FMT’s and Mega’s synergy with high-power loads & terminations designs.

On the new website, FMT dedicates several pages to critical markets which employ FMT’s components. This includes air traffic control radar, weather surveillance radar, security and inspection, industrial processing, scientific research and more.

In addition to new content geared toward the components side of the business, the renovated Ferrite website offers up-to-date information about the systems side of the business. 

The new content includes exploratory information about new or emerging microwave markets and applications. It also offers individual pages dedicated to FMT’s line of microwave generators. In addition, it discusses the newly integrated Industrial Microwave Systems (IMS) product family into the Microwave Techniques group.

In addition to systems, the new launch highlights some new products from FMT’s line of industrial microwave generators, including the FMT75, FMT100, FMT200 and GETMAX series.