Leonardo DRS, Inc. announced that it has received a contract to design, manufacture and deliver unmanned threat emitter (UMTE) threat kit 12 (TK-12) remote emitter systems providing advanced surface-to-air missile threat simulation to increase realistic training capabilities for aircrews using U.S. Air Force premier training ranges.

The contract, from Georgia Tech Research Institute, will provide U.S. military and partner nation aircrews with advanced threat training platforms to enhance aircrew competency in survivability and tactics, techniques and procedures.

The UMTE TK-12 design is based on Leonardo DRS’ AN/TPT-T1(V) UMTE system that is currently fielded by the U.S. Air Force. 

“This advanced training and simulation system package will provide U.S. military and partner nation aircrews the ability to effectively and accurately train against modern threats they could face in a high-end fight against potential adversaries,” said Larry Ezell, senior vice president and general manager of the Leonardo DRS Airborne and Intelligence Systems business unit. “We are proud to provide these systems to our valued customers as they modernize training and simulation systems to save the lives of aircrews facing these increasingly capable threats on the battlefield.”

The UMTE TK-12 systems incorporate full effective radiated power threat simulation, advanced waveform generators, and day/night electro-optical/infrared cameras for tracking to provide threat faithful, training range-compatible capabilities. Additionally, the TK-12 is specially configured for helicopter lift for deployment in remote and inaccessible terrain to increase range flexibility for threat positioning and optimize aircrew training.

By accurately replicating the relevant threats aircrews face today, the Leonardo DRS system  enables aircrews to continue to be the most lethal and survivable forces in the world. The UMTE TK-12 ensures training ranges are able to provide their customers with the most realistic threat scenarios possible. 

The training and simulation system is designed by the company’s Airborne and Intelligence Systems business, which has a legacy of providing a wide-range of advanced, world-class aircraft training systems to all U.S. military services and partner nations around the world.

The TK-12 is part of the Leonardo DRS advanced sensor technology portfolio which has an extensive installed base across the U.S. military.  The company is a leading provider of aircraft training instrumentation which deploy on legacy and modern aircraft and are required for aircraft training programs.

Leonardo DRS threat simulator systems range in size and complexity from hand held, low cost/low fidelity radar warning receiver stimulators, to full effective radiated power, 5th-Gen digital threats.  The product line includes exportable threats, and can be configured or modified to meet specific customer training and operational test and evaluation requirements.