Mercury Systems, Inc. launched its new avionics data recorder, storage and transfer systems. The innovative systems are purpose-built to provide air and operations crews with intuitive high speed secure and reliable data exchange. By recording, storing and transferring data to and from both rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft, these systems enable critical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance applications.

"Traditional avionics data recorder, storage and transfer systems are expensive and customized for specific platforms, making them difficult and costly to maintain and refresh,” said Jay Abendroth, vice president and general manager, Mercury Mission. “They also do not deliver the same high performance per footprint that Mercury’s solutions provide and typically do not offer advanced encryption capabilities. Our airborne systems rapidly integrate, with low risk, into any aircraft or system architecture. Data feeds are safely processed on Mercury’s BuiltSAFE™ mission computing solutions with three decades of proven performance on multiple safety-critical platforms. It’s another example of our leadership in safety-critical avionics solutions and reinforces our commitment to make commercial technology profoundly more accessible to aerospace and defense.”

The family of systems includes the following products:

  • The High Definition Video Recorder family are highly scalable convection-cooled recorders designed for platforms needing high-fidelity data capacity, video and audio compression, and faster read/write speeds. High capacity removable memory allows for large data loads and encryption options keep data secure.
  • The Advanced Data Transfer Systems feature fast data transfer with 1000 MB/s data transfer speeds, 100 MB/s+ SATA read/write speeds, crash-survivable memory options and encryption to speed information exchange and protect data during mission critical operations.
  • The Data Storage Systems are network attached storage (NAS) units engineered to deliver high performance multi-level security in remote, inhospitable environments. Platform agnostic, the systems are well-suited for data-intensive critical missions. With up to 32 TB of memory, the NAS units can quickly route and classify data.

All systems are built with modular, open architectures and seamlessly integrate into aircraft computing ecosystems to reduce program risk, cost and downtime. Fast transfer and read speeds enable aircrews to quickly transfer pre- and post-flight data. Secure storage and crash-survivable memory safeguard the data to optimize missions and simplify aircraft and platform maintenance.

Mercury envisions, creates and delivers innovative technology solutions purpose-built to meet its customers most pressing high-tech needs.