Empower RF’s model 2180 is a 2000 W 1G Hz to 2.5 GHz GaN on SiC CW amplifier with breakthrough power density. It’s multimode capabilities include AGC, ALC, MGC as well as selectable modulation modes that ease system integration. It’s operating mode versatility and linear performance has the model in use for satcom uplink, GPS jamming, cyber/EW, effects testing, and directed energy research. Pulse mode with blanking is included.

With unrivaled size, weight and power the 2180 offers easier maneuverability in lab environments or tactical deployments. 

Additional features include:

  • Fast electronic VSWR protection providing safe and reliable operation during adverse load conditions
  • Monitoring and Control user interfaces include a Web browser, TCP/IP Ethernet, RS-485 interface and a front panel touchscreen display. No software required
  • Optional filter/wwitches for improved harmonic rejection can be specified
  • Self-protection and diagnostics throughout the system include currents, voltages, forward and reverse power, temperature and VSWR.