Exodus Advanced Communications has developed a high-power solid-state amplifier (HPA) system for L- and S-Band pulse radar testing applications as well as general radiated susceptibility requirements such as EMI-Lab/RS103 and electronic warfare applications. The AMP2074P-LC-8KW Pulse Amplifier covers frequencies from 1 to 2.5 GHz, providing outstanding RF pulse fidelity. The amplifier satisfies radar requirements with narrow or wide RF pulses and duty cycles up to 10 percent. The AMP2074P-LC-8KW produces 8 KW pulse power, minimum, with a nominal value of 10 KW across the band with 3 dB peak-to-peak power gain flatness. The HPA uses a class AB design, achieving less than -20 dBc harmonics at rated output, -60 dBc spurious and an 80 dB on/off ratio.

The HPA has extensive control and monitoring, including optional calibrated power monitoring. Monitoring is done via a large color display or remote control. The color touchscreen shows forward and reflected power, real-time VSWR, system voltages and currents, along with operating temperatures of the PA module(s) heat sinks and internal system temperature. Gain control of > 20 dB is accessible using the screen or the remote interface.

The AMP2074P-LC-8KW is rack-integrated with open panel space for additional test equipment. The HPA has type N-female connectors for the RF input and optional RF sampling ports. To handle the high power, the RF output connector can be SC or a 7/16 female connector.

Exodus Advanced Communications’ product lines use LDMOS, GaN HEMT and GaAs technology. A large portion of these devices are manufactured by the company. In addition to high-power amplifiers, Exodus designs low noise amplifiers, modules and multi-band systems for applications ranging from 10 kHz to more than 75 GHz.

Exodus Advanced Communications
Las Vegas, Nev.