STAR Dynamics Corporation announced it has been awarded a significant contract with the United States Air Force (USAF) National RCS Test Facility (NRTF) to design, develop and manufacture an ultra-wideband (UWB) signature measurement system (SMS) as a component of the NRTF Dynamic Radar Cross Section Measurement System (DRMS). The SMS will be capable of both radar cross section (RCS) measurements and inverse synthetic aperture radar imaging measurements to validate the radar signature integrity of low observable (LO) aircraft in dynamic, full-flight operational configurations from a ground-based DRMS/SMS facility.

As a long-term science, engineering and technology contributor to the USAF NRTF RCS measurement and verification missions, STAR Dynamics is strategically positioned to deliver SMS as the core radar for the DRMS. In support of SMS, the USAF has also extended a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research  award to Phase II for STAR Dynamics to produce a next-generation radar calibration device that will directly support the SMS mission. In addition, with its 30+ years of developing instrumentation radar systems, STAR has established an unmatched engineering experience-base for dynamic LO measurement technology and RCS measurement within its instrumentation radar product line as the critical foundation for executing the DRMS/SMS program. SMS is scheduled to be delivered to the USAF NRTF in September 2024.

“The NRTF SMS contract is the most significant defense technology development award in the 33 year history of our company.” said Dr. R. Jerry Jost, president and chief executive officer of STAR Dynamics. “SMS is a strategic win for STAR Dynamics that will better position our leading BlueMax RCS/Imaging Radar product technology within the LO community. Supporting the USAF NRTF for development of the SMS is extremely rewarding for our instrumentation radar development team, and we look forward to a long-term partnership with the USAF to improve the future of domestic signature verification of our most advanced operational LO aircraft.”