RFMW announced design and sales support for surface mount couplers from RN2. The RN2 CMX45 series of couplers offer power handling and coupling factor options for a variety of radio applications. Offered in two different sizes, the P series is the smallest at 2 x 1.25 mm and can handle 5 W of RF power over a span of 3.0 to 5.1 GHz. The E Series measures 5.08  x 3.18 mm with power handling to 25 W over the 4 to 5 GHz frequency range. As an example, the CMX45P03 is a hybrid, 3 dB coupler spanning 3000 to 5100 MHz with 20 dB isolation, 0.5 dB insertion loss and capable of handling 5 Watts average power. RN2 offers the CMX45P series in asymmetric 2 and 5 dB coupling factors for asymmetric Doherty power amplifier designs. The variety of sizes, power handling and coupling factors offer splitting and combining in standard and Doherty power amplifier designs, RSSI circuits and feedback loops for 5G NR.