Testing products bound for space is a little different for a few reasons, including the lack of air for heat transfer and general level of criticality, no possible service once deployed plus the general high-stakes nature of the whole endeavor. Taking of measured risks for the sake of the advancement of science and technology seems to be a key part of the proposition. Given that, appropriate testing is always important for electronic products, but this is even more true for items that are expected to work in a space environment. 

Heat transfer in space, of course without convection, follows a different set of rules from what we experience on a daily basis, here on planet earth. However, it can all be brought home, so to speak, with a space simulation chamber such as the TotalTemp VmSD49-N. Thermal space simulation testing can now be performed in-house, and a lot more easily than otherwise possible for a wide variety of components. A small, portable space simulation chamber with a thermal platform can be employed to perform space simulation at temperatures from -75°C to +175°C in high vacuum as strong as 10-6 Torr. Now at an affordable cost this is an attractive alternative to renting time using a large, slow space simulation chamber at a remote location. 

A custom, vacuum compatible model of our standard SD49 thermal platform (6.5” x 7.5”) can be purchased for installation into existing high vacuum chambers or alternatively can be acquired as a full turn-key solution for thermal vacuum space simulation testing requirements. Either solution allows you to test and re-test if needed at your location with less scheduling, and remote hourly time constraints.