Instrument sharing and measurement task scheduling is brought to a new level utilizing the Universal Switch Matrix (UMX).

The system is equipped with 32 bidirectional DUT ports with integrated signal conditioning, instrument SW for test resource management and scalable to 64 ports per test system.

 Available are 4 RF analyzer, 4 RF generator ports, integrated signal conditioning w/LNA, bias T's, loads, bias voltage & current measurements. All RF ports on instrument and DUT side are non-reflective, they are matched to 50 Ohms also in the case of non-routing. Due to the wide frequency range of 100 kHz to 8 GHz unlimited signal routings for broadcast, cellular, or wireless signals can be done. It also provides an RF test suite for DUT control, test sequencing, hardware abstraction and automatic switching.

he UMX Switch is available individually or as a system solution with our Universal Wireless Testers (UWT)

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