Hirose Electric has developed the small coaxial connector C.FL Series which supports 30 GHz in anticipation of greater mmWave band usage. In spite of the ultra-low profile and small size with 0.92 mm mated height, the frequency characteristics have been dramatically enhanced by reducing the diameter of the male receptacle contact and optimizing the internal design of the plug.

In addition, the assembly precision is dramatically improved compared to conventional products, contributing to stable transmission in the mmWave band. Furthermore, the applicable cable size is a very thin and flexible 0.64 mm making it easy to route inside devices.

C.FL Series Features:

    Ultra-compact receptacle: 2 x 2 mm, 0.92 mm mated height (1 mm maximum)

    mmWave (30 GHz) support

    V.S.W.R. DC to 15 GHz: 1.4 maximum

    15 to 20 GHz: 1.5 maximum

    20 to 30 GHz: 1.6 maximum

    Applicable cable: 0.64 mm

    Probe for mass production inspection, 2.4 mm connector and 2.92 mm connector adaptors are available

Future Product Development

The newly developed C.FL Series meets the demanding performance requirements for mmWave devices. As part of the product lineup, we are developing cable assembly products with a 2.4 mm connector or 2.92 mm connector on the other side for evaluation and measurement of 5G devices. We anticipate these cable assemblies will be used in a variety of upcoming IoT devices supporting 5G.