Artech House announced the publication In-Band Full-Duplex Wireless Systems Handbook by Kenneth E. Kolodziej. Many wireless systems could benefit from the ability to transmit and receive on the same frequency at the same time, which is known as In-Band Full-Duplex (IBFD). This technology could lead to enhanced spectral efficiency for future wireless networks, such as 5G new radio and beyond, and could enable capabilities and applications that were previously considered impossible, such as IBFD with phased array systems. In this exciting new book, experts from industry, academic, and federal research institutions discuss the various approaches that can be taken to suppress the inherent self-interference that is generated in IBFD systems. Both static and adaptive techniques that span across the propagation, analog and digital domains are presented.  

Details and measured results that encompass high-isolation antenna designs, RF and photonic cancellation as well as signal processing approaches, which include beamforming and linear/non-linear equalization are detailed.  Throughout this book, state-of-the-art IBFD systems that utilize these technologies will be provided as practical examples for various applications. Expert IBFD perspectives from multiple research organizations and companies, which would provide readers with the most accurate state-of-the-art approaches. This is the first book that dives into both the techniques that make IBFD systems possible as well as several different applications that use IBFD technology.

In-Band Full-Duplex Wireless Systems Handbook is available now from Artech House, a leading publisher of books for professionals in high-technology industries.