CAES, the new name for Cobham AES, has received a contract from the U.S. government to develop advanced antenna technology for hypersonic applications.

CAES has a portfolio of capabilities which it can draw upon to support the work: advanced seeker technologies for proximity and height-of-burst sensing, datalinks, telemetry, microwave components, high temperature antennas, phased array sensors, on board processing, radiation hardened microelectronics and cryptographic ASICs.

Mike Kahn, president and CEO of CAES, said “Leveraging our extensive pedigree in developing aperture and antenna technology from our work on orbital launch vehicles, missiles and guided munitions, CAES is committed to ensuring our customers’ success in developing solutions for this critical national priority.”

The contract will be performed at the CAES facilities in Lansdale, Pennsylvania, and Exeter, New Hampshire.