RFMW announced design and sales support for the Rakon Neptune™ Ultra Stable TCXO (US-TCXO) product family. The RNT7050 series offers best-in-class frequency stability of ±50 ppb for 5G and other telecommunication applications and is available in a 7 x 5 mm footprint. The core XMEMS™, crystal resonator technology, maintains long-term stability (ageing) of better than 1.5 ppm over 10 years. Meeting the stringent requirements of IEEE 1588v2, ITU-T G.813, G.8273.2 and G.8262 & G.8262.1, the design and engineering of the RNT7050 series recognizes that 5G remote radio head air interfaces need tight EVM limit masks, and thus low contribution to EVM from the phase noise of reference clocks. For example, the E8006LF has an outstanding low noise floor of -158 dBc/Hz. making it the device of choice for radio and network interfaces. Rakon’s patented ‘tilt compensation’ technology assures frequency stability is maintained at any control voltage and guarantees optimum performance over the life of the equipment.