RFMW announced design and sales support for a MEMS-based, digitally controlled OCXO platform. SiTimeSi5721 digitally controlled OCXO offer’s ±5 to ±8 ppb stability at frequencies from 1 to 60 MHz. These devices can be used to replace legacy quartz VCOCXOs in emerging 5G and IEEE 1588 synchronization applications while improving overall system performance and robustness with 10x better dynamic stability (150 ppt/°C ΔF/ΔT), resistant to airflow and thermal shock. I2C digital frequency tuning eliminates board noise and no mechanical shields are needed. Combined with a 9 x 7 mm footprint, the Si5721 offers unmatched ease-of-use and eliminates restrictions on PCB placement. On-chip power supply noise filtering eliminates the need for a dedicated LDO.