Maury Microwave has announced the launch of The Maury Immersive Experience. The Maury Immersive Experience is an interactive virtual lab where you can explore the latest best-in-class solutions from Maury Microwave and strategic partners AMCAD Engineering and Vertigo Technologies B.V., designed to give you confidence in your measurements and models! As you will see, many of the solutions leverage the exceptional hardware from Keysight Technologies, Rohde & Schwarz, FormFactor Inc. and MPI Corporation.

While we know this will never replace live in-person demonstrations and the ability to see/touch/experience (there's that word again) equipment in person, we hope you will appreciate this digital alternative. Also, this is a work-in-progress. The lab will continue to evolve and grow with time. More demos, more videos, more experience. So please bookmark and check back often!

Enter the Maury Immersive Experience at If you have a chance, please provide any feedback you might have about the experience. What did you like? What could be better? What would you like to see? Or just say hello to them—they will be exhibiting at the EuMW Virtual Event, January 10-15. See you in 3D!