ERZIA Technologies has announced the release of a new, compact, wideband high power amplifier (WHPA) that operates from 2 to 20 GHz ( S-Band through K-Band) while providing 37 dBm of output power and 36 dB of gain. This extremely linear wideband amplifier is being used in some of the industry’s most sophisticated military aerospace and SATCOM applications and is being discovered for other uses in microwave radio and telecom, industrial and laboratory, and even deep space applications.

Measuring just 80 X 100 X 21 mm, model ERZ-HPA-0200-2000-37 has been designed to offer microwave system design engineers the optimal size, weight and power (SWaP) combination for their high-performance subsystems. It’s also reasonably priced and available with short to no lead time depending on current stock from ERZIA. 

ERZIA WHPAs are the first of their kind to be an intentional suite of amplifier solutions committed to withstanding the harshest environments while holding output power in place across the broadest frequency ranges. The full lineup of ERZIA WHPAs includes models exhibiting these bandwidth/output power combinations: 1 to 23 GHz/27 dBm; 2 to 18 GHz/30 dBm; 15 to 27 GHz/29 dBm; 17 to 43 GHz/22 dBm; 24 to 40 GHz/22 dBm; 26 to 40 GHz/33 dBm; 33 to 47 GHz/29 dBm; and 75 to 83 GHz/27 dBm.

ERZIA can fully design or adapt any of the existing RF amplifiers designs according to your specifications. Contact us to learn more. ERZIA offers two locations to order from: Santander, Spain and Alexandria, Va. U.S.