DOK Ltd, ELVA’s manufacturing partner has reported on the successful tests of PPC-10G 70/80 GHz train-to-ground communication system on St. Petersburg to Helsinki railway line at a measured section between the Solnechnoye and Zelenogorsk stations. The max aggregated throughput at two wireless channels from the head and back of the specialized communication lab carriage reached 11300 Mbps.

In the experiments, the test track section of 6.3 km was included three passes at distances of 2,300, 1,300, and 2,700 m between base stations. The base stations were equipped with 30 cm diameter antennas and located on contact wire supports at a height of about 5 m from the railhead.  The train radios were equipped with small horn antennas.

Max reached throughput at the tests was 11.3 Gbps, with min connection no worse than 2.8 Gbps. The network architecture works stably on straight sections of the track in conditions of line of sight between base stations and train radios. 

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