Product Catalog

This RF and microwave custom filters catalog showcases new products with pictures and actual test data fact sheets for each filter type. A variety of packaging and performance levels are featured to represent the company's capabilities.

Bree Engineering Corp.,
San Marcos, CA (760) 510-4950.

Circle No. 200

RF Switch and Component Product Catalog

This 52-page catalog features the company's extensive selection of electromechanical switches and RF components. The RF switch line includes SP2T, transfer, multi-position and terminated models with many options and configurations. The component line includes attenuators, terminations, isolators and circulators.

Charter Engineering Inc.,
Largo, FL (727) 549-8999.

Circle No. 201

Capabilities Brochure

This capabilities brochure describes how light curing resins for PCB assembly lower manufacturing costs while maintaining or improving end product quality. The brochure features processing information as well as pictures and descriptions of typical applications, including conformal coatings, potting materials, ecapsulants, tacking resins and masks.

DYMAX Corp.,
Torrington, CT (860) 482-1308.

Circle No. 202

Company Brochure

This four-page brochure gives a brief overview of the company. Information on the company's fundamental and prematching tuners, load pull setup using focus harmonic tuners, transistor test fixtures, VNA TRL calibration kits, load pull and noise software, accessories, manual tuners and customer support is provided.

Focus Microwave Inc.,
Montreal, Quebec, Canada (514) 335-6227.

Circle No. 203

Company Brochure

This 12-page brochure details the company's product offerings, including: thin-trim, seal-trim, giga-trim and cera-trim capacitors, ceramic trimmers, air capacitors, tuning elements, dyna-trims, dielectric resonators, RF connectors, ceramic, RF, microwave and optoelectronic packages.

Johanson Manufacturing Co.,
Boonton, NJ (973) 334-2676.

Circle No. 204

Broadband Wireless Access and Wireless LAN Antenna Catalog

This XtremeWave™ broadband wireless access and WLAN product catalog provides a product photograph, general description, features and benefits list, complete technical specifications, and radiation patterns on each antenna within this extensive line.

Hanover Park, IL (800) 323-9122.

Circle No. 205

Design Guide

This design guide is focused on helping readers understand wire bonding in microelectronic design. It provides a series of rules that, if implemented prior to layout, help microelectronic designers stay within the wire bond limits.

Natel Engineering Co. Inc.,
Chatsworth, CA (800) 590-5774.

Circle No. 206

Circulators and Isolators Brochure

This brochure includes data sheets on the company's line of circulators and isolators. Standard products include drop-on units, and coaxial and waveguide units. Product descriptions, specifications, outline drawings and features are included.

Quest Microwave Inc.,
Morgan Hill, CA (408) 778-4949.

Circle No. 207

Designer's Handbook

This 2002 designer's handbook features the company's extensive product portfolio. It includes over 185 solutions for a variety of applications, such as cell phones, wireless infrastructure, cable television modems, GPS, wireless LANS, personal communication systems, fiber optic datacom transceivers and Bluetooth™ wireless technology.

RF Micro Devices Inc.,
Greensboro, NC (910) 664-1233.

Circle No. 208

Materials Catalog

This catalog features the company's Meldin® polyimide and high performance thermoplastics materials. Meldin materials are offered in custom molded, machined components and stock shapes for machining. Applications include engines, medical devices, aircraft/aerospace power systems, electronics, chemical processing, semiconductor and industrial equipment.

Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics,
Bristol, RI (401) 253-2000.

Circle No. 209

Engineering Guide

This 38-page engineering reference guide on transient immunity testing describes the mechanisms involved in generating each type of transient, the standard tests that have been developed to deal with them, and some of the practical issues that arise while performing these tests to help ensure product immunity from several sources of transient phenomena that are present in the electromagnetic environment.

Schaffner EMC Inc.,
Edison, NJ (732) 225-9533 ext. 239.

Circle No. 210

CD Catalog

This newly expanded CD catalog features dozens of standard filter products for AMPS, DCS, ISM, MMDS, UMTS, PCS, SMR, 3G, tower top bi-directional amplifiers, delay lines, dual band duplexers and low noise amplifiers.

Wireless Technologies Corp.,
Springdale, AR (479) 750-1046.

Circle No. 211