NSI-MI Technologies' electronic products are custom designed for fast and accurate data acquisition. Our products are application specific and therefore represent the leading edge of technology in terms of speed and accuracy. The goal is to ensure that our customers gain the most from their investment and provide best-in-class measurement systems.



Vector Field Analyzer

Vector Field Analyzer™

The Vector Field Analyzer™ (VFA) incorporates the latest technology and combines the best RF performance, fastest measurement speed and most advanced features available in the industry to create the foundation of a state-of-the-art measurement system.




Signal Source

Signal Sources

NSI-MI Technologies offers the ELE-SRC microwave signal source solution to address a broad spectrum of measurement system requirements. These sources can be very valuable in a lab bench or high-volume manufacturing environment.



Position Controllers

Position Controllers

NSI-MI Technologies’ precision measurement control products are well established in the RF test and measurement market and while our strength is in antenna, radome and RCS measurements our position controllers have gained acceptance for general instrumentation and manufacturing.



Multi Channle Extender

Multi-Channel Extender

The Multi-Channel Extender (ELE-VFA-EXT) is designed to combine multiple ELE-VFA Vector Field Analyzers to provide up to twelve simultaneous phase coherent test channels plus one common reference signal of phase coherent RF data. The Multi-Channel Extender distributes a common IF reference signal, LO Signal and 10 MHz reference signals to each connected VFA.



VFA Adapter Panal

VFA Adapter Panel

NSI-MI’s VFA Adapter Panel provides a simple upgrade path to incorporate older multiplexers, provides an interface to tracking instrumentation and has 6 additional multi-configurable BNC connections for supporting third party instrumentation. Compatible with both NSI2000 and MI-3000 software, this Adapter Panel also allows for legacy BNC connections to support measurement timing products and signal sources.



Vector Measurement Controller

Vector Measurement Controller™ NEW!

The Vector Measurement Controller™ (VMC) offers control of third-party RF switches, antenna beam steering interfaces and an interface to digital antenna ports.



Data Acquisition and Processing Software

Data Acquisition and Processing Software

NSI-MI provides the most sophisticated software in the industry for measuring and analyzing antenna patterns. The software is compatible with nearly all measurement equipment in the industry.



Accessories and Upgrades

Accessories and Upgrades

Each system includes a multitude of accessories and upgrade options to create the perfect solution for you.
















































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