Azimuth Systems Inc., a leading provider of comprehensive real world wireless test solutions for 2G/3G/4G, LTE-Advanced and beyond, announced its new Wi-Fi Performance Test Suite, the first component in the Azimuth Data Offload and Connectivity Solution Family. The Wi-Fi Performance Test Suite, designed specifically for service providers and mobile device vendors, provides a fully automated test plan for Wi-Fi performance and connectivity testing that exceeds the basics of Wi-Fi Alliance® certification testing. The test suite has been designed for ease-of-use and provides a cost effective solution for benchmarking Wi-Fi device sensitivity, range, and throughput in a variety of real world environments.

Developed with the assistance of a leading US service provider and designed to meet their requirements for an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement Wi-Fi performance device acceptance test plan, Azimuth’s Wi-Fi Performance Test Suite is based on proven technologies and platforms, including Azimuth’s ACE™ 400WB Wi-Fi MIMO Channel Emulator and DIRECTOR™ II Test Executive. Together, these integrated components allow a fully automated and repeatable test-bed for Wi-Fi throughput, RX sensitivity (rate vs. range and radio sensitivity), quality of service and connection reliability.

Azimuth’s ACE 400WB MIMO Channel Emulator – the hardware foundation for Wi-Fi Data Offload and Connectivity Solutions – is the industry leading, purpose built, Wi-Fi channel emulator that vendors can easily configure in a wide range of topologies including as a 4x4, bi-directional channel emulator. Coupled with Azimuth’s DIRECTOR II software suite, which provides the industry’s most robust, fully automated test management software, Azimuth’s Wi-Fi Performance Test Suite delivers unequalled ease-of-use, comprehensive performance testing, and seamless automation to ensure that benchmarking, troubleshooting and interoperability testing can quickly and easily be completed in a real world environment – without leaving the lab.

“The mobile world is growing increasingly complex, making testing more challenging. As Wi-Fi clients in  smart devices have become more ubiquitous, service providers and device vendors have been challenged with ensuring superior Wi-Fi performance and delivering a comparable experience to subscribers irrespective of whether the connection is delivered over the cellular WAN or a Wi-Fi LAN,” said Jim Iuliano, president and CEO of Azimuth Systems. “Azimuth’s Wi-Fi Performance Test Suite is the first of several Azimuth Wi-Fi Data Offload and Connectivity Solutions aimed at simplifying execution of a wide range of test cases.”

Azimuth’s Wi-Fi Performance Test Suite is available now. Please contact the Azimuth sales team at for further details.