When you are looking for an antenna for reference and measurement applications, search no further. NSI-MI Technologies has an extensive history in the development of innovative antennas for precise RF measurement applications. Our advanced antenna solutions are designed, manufactured and tested in-house by our world-renowned staff of design engineers having decades of experience. With hundreds of products and accessories available, choose from sets of the most popular antenna types on the market today.

NSI-MI Technologies' Broadband Horn Antennas are suitable for a wide variety of applications that require stable antenna performance over extremely broad frequency bandwidths as high as 15:1, such as antenna measurements or EMC.


Offering single and dual polarized probes, these antennas for best used as spherical near-field (SNF) measurement probes and far-field (FF) range illuminators.


Our linearly polarized reflector antennas cover the frequency range of 1.7 GHz to 40 GHz. Each product in this family includes a weather sealed waveguide horn with a radome cover.


linear and dual PLPLinear and Dual Polarized Log-Periodic Antennas
NSI-MI’s log-periodic dipole arrays are designed to have nearly constant gain and input impedance over a broad frequency range. Combining broadband coverage with the versatility of dual polarization, our dual polarized series consists of two crossed log-periodic arrays, specifically designed for VHF and UHF frequency bands.
Standard Gain Horns are used in antenna test range applications and have been designed to deliver accurate gain reference and reliable antenna gain measurements. Our Standard Gain Horn Assemblies come complete with absorber and mounting cages. Accredited Gain Calibration Reports are available upon request.
linear and dual PFLinear and Dual Polarized Feeds
Offering a complete line of linear and dual polarized, our high-performance feed sets cover frequencies from 0.75 to 110 GHz. The dual polarized series combines a high performance broadband orthomode transducer with precision circular waveguide aperture.


Our open-ended waveguide probes are ideally suited for near-field measurements. These probes are used to sample the radiated electromagnetic field of an antenna under test while minimally perturbing the incident field.


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