Ampleon has added two Si LDMOS RF power transistors to its ninth-generation line-up, designed to provide high efficiency and high gain in power amplifiers delivering hundreds of kilowatts.

Biased at 50 V, the 1,200 W BLF978P and 500 W BLF974P have an efficiency of up to 80 percent at 225 MHz operating class AB, with a power gain of 25 dB between 225 and 700 MHz.

The transistors’ high power and gain reduce the number of transistors required for the multi-kilowatt power amplifiers used in industrial and scientific applications. Energy efficiency is extremely important with these systems, since effective thermal management is a key design requirement to improve system reliability and save cost.

The BLF978P and the BLF974P are available from Ampleon or authorized distributors, RFMW and Digi-Key.