Modelithics welcomes Silicon Supplies, a solution-based provider of Silicon Discrete and integrated circuit (IC)  bare die for use in niche trailing edge and leading edge applications, into the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program at the Strategic level. As a Strategic MVP, Silicon Supplies is supporting RF and microwave designers by sponsoring free extended 30-day trials (with approval) of all Modelithics models available for Silicon Supplies components, as well as collaborating with Modelithics to develop new design data and models for selected components.

In addition to becoming a Strategic MVP, Silicon Supplies and Modelithics have collaborated to develop a new nonlinear model for Silicon Supplies’ 2SC3356 NPN RF Bipolar Transistor. Intended for microwave low-noise amplification, the 2SC3356 NPN RF transistor features high power gain, low noise figure and high transition frequency. The new nonlinear model features both temperature and bias dependence and will be available for multiple simulators, including Keysight Advanced Design System (ADS) and Cadence AWR Design Environment. 

The Silicon Supplies MVP free 30-day trial library is available in multiple versions for the simulation tools mentioned (Keysight ADS, Cadence AWR Design Environment, etc).