Teledyne e2v, in cooperation with Xilinx, Inc., has developed cutting-edge solutions that are optimized to work with brand new innovations now emerging in space-grade programmable logic. These engineering advances relate specifically to the accompanying data storage, data processing and data conversion elements.

The Xilinx Radiation Tolerant (RT) Kintex UltraScale XQRKU060 was just released and implements exclusive features in terms of flexibility, performance and adaptability. Using this ground-breaking FPGA based on a 20 nm semiconductor process node will certainly allow designers to build mission-critical systems required by the space industry with more ease.

Following the introduction of this device, Teledyne-e2v is in a position to offer novel Ka-Band digital-to-analog converters such as EV12DD700 and multi-channel analog-to-digital converters such as EV12AQ600. This offer is completed by the company's radiation tolerant quad core ARM A72 companion processor and its recently-announced RT Space DDR4 memory—which has a total data storage capacity of 4 GB, plus built-in sophisticated error correction code, and can achieve 2GT/s transfer speeds. All of these products demonstrate the required levels of tolerance to radiation effects, thereby ensuring that reliable processing, superior signal integrity and data retention benchmarks are always maintained in space applications.

In addition the company strengthens its System-in-a-Package capability to integrate the above devices together with the XQRKU060 FPGA in a SiP assembly, either as a pre-built DVB-S2X solution or other SiP designs combining with XQRKU060 the company's microwave data conversion dice up to Ka-Band, its companion Quad ARM A72 processor and its DDR4 memory. With this offer Teledyne e2v Semiconductors aim to allow innovative system designers to develop more powerful systems based on XQRKU060.