RFMW announced design and sales support for phase matched cable assemblies from P1dB Inc. These cables can be purchased in pairs or higher volume ‘sets’ matched to +/- 1 picosecond from DC to 26.5 GHz. For example, the P1CA-SAMSAM-F140-36-PM-1PS cable assembly is 36 in. long and terminated with SMA male connectors. Made with low loss, phase stable F140 flexible cable, the small diameter (0.142 in. or 3.6 mm) is ideal for test applications where matched cable sets are required. The F140 cable has a low density PTFE dielectric and two shield layers providing >90 dB effective shielding with a Velocity of Propagation equal to 83 percent. Part of a family of phase matched cable options, the P1CA-SAMSAM-F140-36-PM-1PS is available stock or quick delivery.