Implementing Full Duplexing for 5G

David B. Cruickshank

Implementing Full Duplexing for 5G

This exciting new book examines the feasibility of using a method of doubling the capacity of cellular networks by simultaneously transmitting and receiving signals at the same frequency, a process known as full duplexing (FD). To realize FD, changes in the hardware of the cell-base stations, relaying equipment, “hot spot” access points and mobile phones are necessary to prevent the hardware’s transmitters from interfering with their own receivers. This requires looking at how to separate the strong transmitted signal from the very weak received signal, a process requiring both hardware (analog) changes and more complex digital signal processing. Different ways of achieving that goal are examined. The book reviews the merits of hardware changes involving new duplexing components that may be different depending on the frequency band and cell hardware being used.

Developing FD systems in 5G LTE cellular communications and what can be achieved with ferrite-based circulators in terms of size reduction and performance enhancement, especially at millimetric frequencies, is considered. The relative merits of ferrite and non-ferrite circulators are compared in terms of their fundamental materials and device technologies, such as isolation, insertion loss, bandwidth and non-linearity. FD in the entire 5G cell is also examined and its resulting range of equipment and device communication. This includes fronthauling, more sophisticated back and fronthauling, backhaul beam switching, and cell extenders and relays, all of which could involve FD.

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