HYPERLABS has developed a line of lowpass risetime filters for high speed digital networks and telecom systems. Based on a proprietary, absorptive filter design, the HL9450 series achieves very low reflections in- and out-of-band with flat group delay.

The filters have a frequency response like a fourth-order Bessel-Thomson filter. Unlike Bessel-Thomson filters, which filter through reflection, the HL9450 series filters by absorption. The absorptive design enables the filter to provide excellent impedance matching to 50 Ω, with outstanding return loss both within and above the filter passband. The initial HL9450 series comprises risetimes of 60 ps (5.83 GHz 3 dB bandwidth), 100 ps (3.50 GHz), 150 ps (2.33 GHz) and 200 ps (1.75 GHz). Maximum current through the filter is 0.6 A, and the standard housing size is 1.80 in. x 0.60 in. x 0.40 in.

The HL9450 series can be used for compliance testing or data-dependent jitter reduction, such as eye quality management, anti-aliasing filters in digitizing oscilloscopes or limiting the RF bandwidth in a system. In metrology grade test systems, the filters can help detect oscilloscope or sampler risetimes.

To address unique customer needs, HYPERLABS also offers quick-turn custom filters operating to 45 GHz. The design to manufacturing and assembly cycle can be completed within a few weeks for small quantities.

Founded in 1992 and privately owned, HYPERLABS develops ultra-broadband components, including baluns, power splitters and matched pickoff tees with the frequency range to 67 GHz or higher. HYPERLABS’ instrumentation line includes the first USB-powered and controlled time domain reflectometry instrument, controlled impedance analyzers, signal path analyzers and samplers, including harmonic mixers.

Beaverton, Ore.