The demand for antennas and other one-port devices for 5G systems requires testing in the sub-8 GHz and 28 to 39 GHz 5G bands. Anritsu’s ShockLine MS46131A one-port vector network analyzer (VNA) is the only lightweight, portable solution that uses Extended-K™ ports and guarantees performance to 43.5 GHz. Extending the upper frequency to 43.5 GHz for return loss measurements provides better time domain resolution to ensure signal integrity and optimize material measurements.

Ideal for one-port RF/microwave measurements in engineering, manufacturing and education, the instrument uses Anritsu’s patented nonlinear transmission line (NLTL) technology to simplify the VNA architecture, reduce size and enhance measurement accuracy and repeatability. Because of its small size, the one-port VNA can connect directly to the device being tested, which eliminates the need for a test cable, reduces test setup cost and improves the measurement stability and quality.

Two separate ShockLine MS46131A VNAs can be controlled from an external, user PC via USB interface. With no on-board memory, all measurement data is stored on the user’s PC, making it easier to analyze and document the measurements, as well as securing the data outside of the instrument. As the entire ShockLine VNA family shares common software, the programs and graphical interface are compatible among all the instruments in the series.

The ShockLine MS46131A VNA is well suited for passive component, cable and antenna testing and troubleshooting, as well as for secure applications.

Anritsu Company
Morgan Hill, Calif.