Copper Mountain Technologies (CMT) has released an automatic calibration module (ACM) to speed vector network analyzer (VNA) calibration, minimize human error and reduce the wear and tear on the VNA and RF cables. The ACM2506 minimizes the number of steps required to calibrate a VNA. For a full two-port cal, each end of the ACM is connected to the VNA only once, compared to the seven connections required with a traditional calibration procedure using mechanical standards.

The ACM2506 covers 20 kHz to 6.5 GHz and is fully automatic, controlled and powered via USB. CMT VNAs have a built-in function enabling one-touch, automatic calibration using the ACM. The module switches to each of the required impedance states, one by one, and calculates the calibration coefficients using the measured S-parameters at each state, which are stored in memory.

The ACM includes a 20 dB in-line attenuator characterized at the factory and used to simulate a device under test (DUT). After calibration, the ACM loads the DUT factory data into memory and compares it with the measured S-parameters of the attenuator to verify the calibration. The memory can also store up to three user characterizations, enabling the setup to include adapters and fixtures. The two ports of the 50 Ω ACM2506 can be fitted with either Type N or 3.5 mm connectors.

Thermal compensation improves calibration accuracy across the operating temperature range from 64°F to 82°F. The temperature dependence of each module is measured at the factory and saved into device memory; in use, the software compensates for ambient temperature variations.

Copper Mountain Technologies
Indianapolis, Ind.