Link Microtek has introduced a new miniature single-channel coaxial rotary joint that features a wide operating frequency range of DC to 40 GHz, making it suited to a variety of test applications.

Specifically, it would be ideal for EMC evaluation of 5G systems as well as performance assessment of antennas for say radar systems at the lower frequency end and Ka-Band SATCOM systems at the higher end.

The AMCORJ-WB2 rotary joint is of a sliding-contact design, which provides the inherent advantages of low insertion loss and good VSWR performance over a wide frequency range. Maximum insertion loss for the device is specified as 1 dB, while maximum VSWR is 1.8:1.

With overall dimensions of just 33.7 mm x 30 mm, this tiny rotary joint incorporates 50-ohm impedance 2.92 mm (K-type) female connectors and weighs only 43.7 g. It offers a long, reliable life, having been tested to over one million rotations at 50 rpm.

Designed and manufactured at Link Microtek’s premises in the center of Basingstoke, the AMCORJ-WB2 device features a robust stainless-steel construction with a passivated finish and has an operating temperature range of -20ºC to 70ºC.