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Nano- and Microelectromechanical Systems

Sergey E. Lyshevski
CRC Press
338 pages; $89.95, £34.99
ISBN: 0-8493-916-6

This book is designed for a one-semester course on nanoelectromechanical and microelectromechanical systems (NEMS and MEMS). It builds the theoretical foundation needed to develop, analyze and prototype NEMS and MEMS, their components and their structures. It provides the background engineers need to model, design, simulate, control, implement and deploy NEMS and MEMS. More importantly, it prepares them to continue research in this challenging field and contributes to its further advancement. It requires a background in calculus, electromagnetics and physics. In the 21st century, nano- and microtechnology will lead to fundamental breakthroughs in the way materials, devices and systems are designed, manufactured and used. High performance MEMS and NEMS, micro- and nanoscale structures and devices will be widely used in nanocomputers, medicine and biotechnology.

The book comprises four chapters. Chapter 1 is an introduction to NEMS and MEMS, with descriptions and uses of the systems. Chapter 2 is dedicated to mathematical models and design of NEMS and MEMS. It covers in particular, systems architectures, electromagnetics and its application for motion devices, classical and Newtonian mechanics, atomic structures and quantum mechanics, nanostructures and molecular dynamics as well as thermoanalysis and heat equation. Many examples are given to help the reader understand the diverse developments. The subject of the third chapter is structural design, modeling and simulation. Examples of nano- and microdevices are described and simulated. In Chapter 4, the control of NEMS and MEMS is described. It covers the fundamentals of electromagnetic radiation and antennas in NEMS and MEMS, the design of closed-loop microelectromechanical systems and an introduction to the intelligent control of NEMS and MEMS. Each chapter is followed by several references from the literature.

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Handbook of Computer Simulation in Radio Engineering, Communications and Radar

Sergey A. Leonov and Alexander I. Leonov
Artech House Inc.
497 pages; $119, £82
ISBN: 1-58053-280-2

Computer simulation is the most common and powerful instrument used in the design and analysis of radio systems for communications, antennas and radar. Computer simulation in radio engineering may be defined as running computer-based algorithms that reconstruct mathematical equations and operators describing a system or its performance.

Many books and publications are available that cover fundamentals, the theory of operation, some aspects of practical application to specific systems and environmental conditions, and they contain basic formulas and equations in the discipline. However, every engineer or researcher involved in computer simulation knows how difficult it is to find a set of equations or formulas from different sources that often use different notations, reference frames, normalization and background assumptions. This handbook intends to fill this gap and provide a single-source, systematic reference to the major mathematical models used in radio engineering and computation simulation algorithms often used to design and analyze radar systems and their performance.

The book is divided in two parts. Part 1 is dedicated to Mathematical Modeling in Radio Engineering and is followed by a comprehensive list of references and a selected bibliography.

Part 2 describes radar system simulation, including radar cross section, antennas and propagation, waveforms and signal processing, detection and integration, losses, maximum detection range, measurement errors, and noise and interference immunity.

The simulation algorithms are written in Mathcad 2000 (an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use versatile programming environment where equations look the way one might see them on a blackboard or in a reference book). The software package, with the programs cited in Part 2 of the book, is available as an optional supplement.

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