Albrecht Telecommunications has developed a digital, broadband jammer for communications jamming and a range of electronic warfare (EW) scenarios. With ultra-fast digital synthesizers, the SAJ-2000MD covers HF to microwave, its output power adjustable to 2 kW. Individual frequencies or frequency bands can be jammed using frequency-agile techniques such as fast frequency hopping and spread spectrum. The customizable jammer can be configured to handle multiple threats, simultaneously transmitting at different frequencies while protecting specific frequencies or bands defined by a blocking list. Frequency lists can be downloaded from a search receiver for spot jamming. Various modulation sources are available so the jammer can be used as a decoy. Spoofing can operate on one or multiple channels simultaneously in near real-time.

The SAJ-2000MD is controlled via computer and a graphical interface, with the synthesizer fully programmable from a PC. For remote control, Albrecht provides wired or an optional wireless control channel, including encrypted VPN. Using encrypted remote control, the jammer can be operated securely in unmanned locations. A comprehensive built-in test system monitors the status of the system, automatically reporting errors with a full description of the issue.

The SAJ-2000MD will operate autonomously as a stand-alone system or can be integrated within a larger EW system. The rack-mounted unit is portable, suitable for the lab or on platforms in the field, including airborne and shipboard. With a modular architecture, the jammer can be customized and upgraded to incorporate changing tactical requirements and new technology.

In addition to communications jamming, the SAJ-2000MD can be used as a programmable transceiver, expanding the applications.

Albrecht Telecommunications GmbH
Hünenberg, Switzerland