RFMW Ltd. announces availability of high frequency, bypass capacitors from Dielectric Laboratories (DLI). The V-Series of single layer capacitors (SLCs) are wire bondable and perfect for GaN and GaAs amplifier applications where small size and microwave performance is key to a well performing circuit.

 Offering broadband rejection in a compact, 30 x 30 mil package, devices such as the V30BZ472M1SX, 4.7 nF capacitor, decouple RF signals from DC bias lines in active circuit designs or filter out noise from switching power supplies.

 V series capacitors offer up to 6x rejection over standard alternatives and are designed to provide a minimum of 27 dB broadband rejection to 40 GHz. Featuring X7R temperature stability, typical applications include DC blocking, RF bypassing, filtering, tuning and coupling.

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