To accelerate power amplifier (PA) development, NXP Semiconductors has released an online library of reference circuits and related documentation, what the company calls the RF Circuit Collection.

NXP intends for the RF Circuit Collection to be a comprehensive online library, enabling RF developers to browse PA design ideas and find off-the-shelf prototypes. By doing the initial development and provide proven design concepts, engineers can jump-start projects and spend more time designing the core features of the end product. NXP expects the information to help engineers developing products for 5G wireless infrastructure, industrial, aerospace, defense and RF energy.

The RF Circuit Collection includes evaluation board designs for bands from 1.8 MHz to 3.8 GHz and output power from 10 to 63 dBm.

The RF Circuit Collection is available now, online and through authorized distributors and retailers. The initial library comprises the most popular RF reference circuit packages — more than 400 — with more being added every month or on-demand. The online data packages include:

  • A description of the evaluation board with performance data, a quick start guide, tuning tips and bill of materials.
  • A set of design layout reference files.
  • Access to order fully assembled boards.
“Our RF power solutions are now at the fingertips of our customers. The breadth of options in frequencies and power can easily be adopted into fast-moving programs to enable quick time to market and stronger competitive positioning.” — Paul Hart, senior VP and GM of NXP’s Radio Power Solutions segment