Microwave technology brings a new set of complex challenges. At European Microwave Week 2019 (EuMW), Keysight will demonstrate a wide range of high frequency test equipment and solutions to help customers master microwave complexities as well as design, simulate and test with accurate measurement solutions, software and services.

On display at the Keysight booth will be:

Keysight 5G and Wireless Solutions for Design and Test

  • FieldFox analyzer – provides frequency coverage up to 26.5 GHz and 100 MHz real-time bandwidth in combination with a phased array antenna.  Enables 5G operators to perform accurate measurements for coverage, beamforming verification and wideband signal monitoring.
  • 5G waveform generation and analysis – combines hardware, software, and measurement expertise to validate 5G base station antennas and components from sub-6 GHz to mmWave frequency bands; enabling 5G researchers the ability to explore a wide range of waveforms, frequencies and bandwidths.
  • 5G mmWave design from circuit to system – provides complete mmWave design flow to extract circuit-based RF impairments to perform 5G-compliant baseband verification.

Keysight Automotive Solutions

  • Automotive radar test – analyzes automotive radar signals across full frequency ranges for legacy 24 and new 77 and 79 GHz bands. Provides scalable analysis bandwidth from 2.5 to > 5 GHz to meet the demands of new mmWave technology tests and standards.
  • Automotive radar design for designers - improves complex environment modeling for system design and validation with PathWave Design 2020, while integrating critical safety-conscious and complicated scenarios into reliable, leading-edge, automotive radar design.

Keysight Service Solutions

  • KeysightCare a unique service model that offers design and test engineers dedicated, proactive support for instruments, software, and solutions that enhance their processes, and transform test asset insights into an increased return on investment.

Keysight Internet of Things (IoT) and Education Solutions

  • IoT device battery life optimization solution – enables developers to quickly and effortlessly detect design weakness and optimize IoT device battery life.
  • RF and MW teaching solution – provides students with engineering essentials, practical skills, and everyday application knowledge; enables the successful development of 5G and IoT wireless applications.

Keysight Component Test and Validation Solutions

  • Multiport and multifunctional component test – provides complete device characterization with a single instrument covering time domain, frequency domain, and pulsed measurements.
  • Wideband mmWave power amplifier test – enables designers to accurately, repeatedly, and quickly characterize the behavior of a device under modulated wideband signal stimulus.
  • mmWave component characterization solution – enables designers to perform accurate measurements to address higher mmWave frequencies for all sources of uncertainty.

Keysight Aerospace and Defense Solutions

  • Electronic warfare (EW) test and evaluation solutions – offers flexible, commercial off-the-shelf solutions for multiport EW threat simulation, wideband analysis, and playback.
  • Phase noise test system (PNTS) – provides measurements down to kT (-177 dBm/Hz) for designing high-performance aerospace and defense applications, cutting-edge device characterization for 5G, and accurate validation of phase noise performance.

Keysight technology experts are also participating in three main conferences with several papers and hosting a "Connect with the Experts " workshop program where attendees can learn about key topics and challenges associated with automotive, 5G, component test, aerospace and defense, as well as software design.