For smartphones and tablets, Skyworks Solutions has introduced an integrated front-end module (FEM) for the 5 GHz Wi-Fi and licensed assisted access (LAA) protocols. The SKY85774-11 integrates a power amplifier (PA) with a coupler at the output, low noise amplifier (LNA) that can be bypassed and a SPDT transmit/receive switch.

The high level of integration minimizes external components, and the small size — a 20-pin 2.2 mm x 3 mm surface-mount package — minimizes board area.

According to Skyworks, the performance of the power amplifier increases range and reduces power consumption. With an MCS7 signal (single spatial stream with 64-QAM), the rated linear output power is +19 dBm. Using an MCS9 signal (two spatial streams and QPSK modulation), the power is +17 dBm.

In transmit, the gain of the FEM is 31 dB. The receive gain with the LNA in is 12.5 dB; with the LNA bypassed, the through loss is 8.5 dB. Skyworks does not specify the noise figure of the receive path with the LNA.