Antenom Antenna Technologies announced four different products in Anten’it product family. Anten’it is a new concept in antenna design and antenna training. There are metal cells, three different types of dielectric cells with 2.6, 4.4 and 10 dielectric constants, ground planes and connectors. These cells are in brick form which allows connecting them to build an antenna and disconnecting them to re-use for another antenna.

Anten’it antenna training kit has the ability of teaching antenna design in antenna laboratory lectures at the universities. Antenna research kit is useful for research purposes in antenna design field. Anten’it antenna design and prototyping kit provides antenna engineers to prototype their designs. There is also a product for researchers which are not antenna designers but use antennas in their projects. Anten’it multi-antenna kit has over 100 datasheets and antenna building instructions in it. Researchers can select an antenna for their projects and build it with following the building instructions. They can dismount the cells and use them for another antenna type.

The Anten’it Antenna Design and Training Kit includes metal, dielectric, ground plane cells in brick form. Cells are able to connect to each other and create different type of antennas at different frequencies. This new concept provides its users to use the same cells for building many different antennas.