Pixus Technologies has announced new OpenVPX enclosures that allow boards to be mounted horizontally. The horizontal loading approach saves rack height for small slot count systems. 

The first in the series of EUR19VPX OpenVPX horizontal-mount chassis platforms from Pixus Technologies is a 2U high enclosure. The design allows dual 6U boards, quad 3U boards, or a hybrid mix to be utilized in the chassis. The cooling is achieved via a front-to-rear airflow orientation. The boards are standardly front loaded and options are available for rear loading.  Versions in 1U, 3U and 4U heights are on the roadmap. 

The 2U EUR19VPX features an OpenVPX backplane at PCIe Gen3 speeds standard. Higher speed versions and VITA 66/67 connector options are available upon request. The chassis allows either pluggable VITA 62 PSUs or a fixed modular VPX power supply. Specialty card guides that accept conduction-cooled modules can be incorporated into the enclosure.

Pixus also offers OpenVPX chassis platforms in rugged rackmount, ATR, test/development, HOST/SOSA and high CFM RiCool versions. The company supports additional backplane/chassis architectures, including MicroTCA, AdvancedTCA, cPCI Serial and legacy VME/cPCI.