At IMS2019 in Boston, RFIC Solutions will be showcasing two state-of-the art MMIC SoC products for advanced 5G Networks.

The first product is the ARNAFE01B, a 24 to 30 GHz highly integrated front-end beamformer MMIC for 5G and SATCOM phased array antenna systems. The MMIC is part of the ARNA series of front-end beamformers. The ARNAFE01 chip covers full 360 degrees of phase variation with minimum amplitude variation for beam steering with high linearity, gain and low IM3 levels in Tx mode and a low Noise Figure in the Rx mode. The chip provides around 28 dB of small signal gain with an output power of 29 dBm and OTOI of 34 dBm while transmitting. 

In the receive mode, it provides 24 dB of small signal gain and 2 dB of noise figure and an OTOI of 16.5 dBm. It integrates a buffer amplifier, phase shifter, variable attenuator, driver amplifier and power amplifier (PA) in the Tx path and an LNA, phase shifter and VVA (Voltage Variable Attenuator) in Rx path. 

This integrated chip is designed using a 0.1 um GaAs PHEMT process. This module meets or exceeds the RF front end needs of modern 5G RF systems. The DC Power consumption in Rx mode has 0.6 W, and 3.8 W in Tx mode. The chip also has a variable voltage attenuator inbuilt for gain control. This simplifies the total front-end solution by reducing the bill of materials, system footprint, and manufacturing cost. The chip size is 5.58 mm x 5.58 mm. In volume production, cost per chip can be as low as $30.

The second product that RFIC Solutions will feature at IMS2019 is the ARNAUD01, an up-/down-converter MMIC chip that operates over a wide frequency range and is optimized for an RF frequency from 24 to 30 GHz. The Rx section integrates an LNA, Image reject down-conversion mixer, LO reject up-conversion mixer, driver amplifier, LO buffer amplifier and frequency multipliers. In Rx mode, the chip typically provides high linearity over the RF band with an IIP3 of -2 dBm with a conversion gain of 27 dB.

In the Tx mode, the chip typically provides 18 dBm of output power from 24 to 30 GHz with an IF input of -20 dBm from 5 to 6 GHz. It has a conversion gain of 22 dB and OTOI of 28 dBm. The ARNAUD01 has an additional feature of built-in testing that consists of RSSI and TSSI to check the signal strength of the system. It is designed using 0.1 um GaAs PHEMT process. The chip size is 3.9 mm x 3.5 mm. In volume production, the cost per chip can be as low as $13.50.

Both these chips have an ultra-small factor and efficient 50 ohms matching which minimizes the layout area in the customer’s application and greatly reduces the number of external components. These MMIC chips can be used in any 5G, SATCOM or backhaul wireless system.

Visit RFIC Solutions at IMS2019 Booth 896 in Boston from June 4-6, 2019.