PMI Model No. APD-7-328M335R5M-TNC is a 7-way power divider that operates over the frequency range 328 to 335.5 MHz.

 Specifications include insertion loss of 1.2 dB Max; isolation of 20 dB min; VSWR (In/Out) of 1.15:1 Max; Amplitude Balance ±0.2 dB Max (measured ±0.08 dB); Phase Balance of ±2º Max (Measured: ±0.9º); 50 Ohms Impedance; Forward Power 15 W Max and Reverse Power 1 W Max.  Unit has painted blue finish and is 7.5" X 6.0" X 0.945" with TNC (Female) connectors.  Conformal coated per request.

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