ThinkRF has released two real-time spectrum analyzers, the R5550 and R5750 with integrated GPS. Sleek, lightweight and silent, these new analyzers have improved spectral performance, lower power consumption, better portability and a more cost-effective price.

Available now, the ThinkRF R5550 and R5750 were designed for outdoor, mobile and distributed deployment, including regulatory and intelligence monitoring, telecom network optimization and RF applications. Users can use the capabilities in a variety of network architectures, analyze signals real-time or later and analyze the data with leading software applications for demodulation or deeper analysis of signals up to 27 GHz.

The R5750 analyzer includes an embedded GPS receiver for time and location data and offers an optional IP66 rating for increased durability and ruggedness in difficult environments.

“These beautifully designed platforms set a new bar for spectrum analysis equipment. The emphasis on usability, design and quality builds on our strong track record and demonstrates our continued commitment to providing an alternative to the bulky, outdated and expensive hardware that has traditionally been available to users.” — Dr. Jasvinder Obhi, VP of product management and marketing at ThinkRF